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How to create an account and make money on Fiverr for beginners in 2024

by Hồng Yến

In this article, you will learn about how to make money on Fiverr. As you may already know, Fiverr is one of the largest websites for the Freelance Services Market for businesses. So, if you have skills, you can earn a significant amount of money from Fiverr.

There are many ways to make money online. Moreover, one of the methods is to earn money online without any investment. So, if you don’t want to invest in your business, you must have an excellent skill to use it and make money.

Similarly, we have many platforms in the market where you can earn money online. However, some of the best websites are Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and Guru, etc. These websites are all for freelancers who want to make money online.

If you want to make a reasonable income online with Fiverr, you should remember the best strategies to earn money. However, in the following steps, I will guide you from A to Z on how to make money with Fiverr, step by step.

Step 1: Sign up for Fiverr

If you don’t have a Fiverr account yet and you’re here to learn about the Fiverr freelancing platform, your first step should be to create an account.

However, if you already have a Fiverr account, you can skip this step.

Like all other websites, you need an account to log in. This will give you access to all the settings needed to proceed and earn money.

To join Fiverr, you’ll be given two options for registration. You can either register with your Facebook account or your Google Account. If you prefer not to use either of these, you can register using your email address.

Step 2: Find the Best Category to Make Money on Fiverr

A category refers to the different skill sets available on Fiverr. Therefore, you should choose a category that aligns with your strengths. Fiverr is a large marketplace for graphic designers, so you’ll find many categories related to graphic design.

However, there’s no restriction on choosing graphic design. But keep in mind that the competition in graphic design is high. So, if you’re starting your freelancing career on Fiverr, competing with high-level competitors might not be the best idea. Initially, you might want to opt for categories with less competition, such as 3D modeling and animation.

There’s also another perspective regarding skills or categories. For instance, if you’re considering Logo Design, it’s one of the most challenging categories because there are hundreds of thousands of designers. Moreover, new logo designers are joining Fiverr daily. Therefore, you might face challenges in getting orders in the future.

Furthermore, categories like Logo Designing are such that clients rarely rehire the same designer. Therefore, the rehiring ratio is also limited to a few clients.

On the contrary, if you’re considering categories such as Content Writing or Video Editing, these skills have the advantage of increasing the probability of rehiring. Because content is unlimited, when a client requires content, they will come back to you if you have done the previous job according to their expectations.

Step 3: Create Gigs on Fiverr

Once you’ve finalized your category, the next step is to create Gigs. Before explaining how to create gigs on Fiverr, it’s important to understand what gigs are. Gigs are like proposals that you present to the client. Therefore, you will write all the details such as what service you provide and how much you will charge for your specific service. You will write your complete details for the clients.

However, you won’t send gigs to the client. The purpose of the gigs is to display your services. Therefore, when a client searches for the service they want, your gig will be displayed in the relevant category.

Initially, Fiverr provides seven gigs. You can create all seven for different categories. I will show you how to create Fiverr gigs.

Step 4: Create Fiverr Gigs

When you log in to your account, you will see a menu for Gigs at the top. You have to click on it to start creating your gigs.

Step 5: Create New Gigs

Then you will see Create a New Gig. You have to click on it.

Step 6: Add Title & Other Information

Here you will take to the Overview page. Further, you will many details on the Overview page. Like Gig Title, Category, and search tags. Therefore, you must fill in all these options. But remember, that the title must be compelling. Because the title is the first step where it attracts the clients.

For example, the title be like “I Will Design Logo for you in 24 Hours “

Next, a search tag is also important for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your Gigs. When someone searches for the related phrases. Then your gig should appear related to that search.

For example, you can write “Logo Design, Graphic Design, Vector Design”. But remember, for your category it may be different.

Step 7: Scope & price

Next, you will get Scope & Price. Since you are a beginner. Therefore, you should not make your price high as compare to your competitors. Because. You don’t have any reviews, feedback or complete any project. Therefore, most of the time for the freelancer starter. It is difficult to get the first project. There is one way to attract the client. that is the price of your service or gigs which you are offering. If you let the price low then there will be more possibility of hiring and order.

However, it is for the initial phase. Once you will complete some projects. Then you can increase the price. However, for now, you have to price your gigs $5.

Step 8: Packages

Packages are in your Scope & Pricing section. Therefore, you will get three packages where you can offer your client. For example, you have Basic. Where have to add your initial service. Next, Standard. If someone needs more than one service for the same gigs. Finally, Premium. If a client requires more multiple services. Therefore, you have to add the Name, Description, and Price for each package.

For example, you can check the below image to get a better idea.

1. Description

The description is a simple brief where you can describe your gigs. However, you have a minimum of 120 letters and maximum you can write up to 1200 letters. Therefore, I recommend you that you must use all the available letter limit. Further, you have to write the brief according to your service. But remember you have to also add many relevant keywords for your gig optimization.

2. Requirement

If any client sends an order. Then you require some information. Therefore, you have to add what you need before the client order the service which you are providing.

Here, you have to build your service gallery. For example, you have additional images or videos on which you are providing services. For example, I make a gig of logo designing. Therefore, I would add some best logo designs. That is when some clients sees my gig. He should impress with my design. Therefore, You should add your best-ever images, video, or any service which you are providing in the gig gallery.

Remember, that you have three Gig photos available. It means you can add three images. However, if you want more images. Then you should add in one photo many more images. For example, you and decrease the size of the image and make one image from all the small size images and add that in one slide.

Step 10: Publish Gig

That’s it. You have successfully completed your first gig. Further, it is time to publish your gig. Therefore, you have to click on Publish Gig.

How to Make Money on Fiverr?

Do you think it is the end? Now you will get the order every day. Then you are thinking wrong. Because there are hundreds of thousands of people using Fiverr on a daily basis. Therefore, you won’t let yourself win the game. Because they are already on the top list of the game.

Now what? Don’t worry! If i am telling about all these challenges. It means I have already faced all those problems. Then why should you struggle? I share with you what you will need to get your first order quickly.

Step 11: First Order is Very Important

First-order is very important. Therefore, there are many strategies where you can get your first order. But the question is why first order is very important? That is because when you will complete your first order. Then you will get a review. Therefore, you will rank better when the client will search related to your service. Therefore, as soon as possible. You have to get your first order.

1. Buyer Request to get first order

Buyer request is one of the best options available in Fiverr. Therefore, with the help of the buyer’s request, you can get your proposal to the client. It is like a bid. The client won’t search for the search. On the contrary, the client will post the service which he wants. Then all other users will send a proposal to the client. Once the client will accept the proposal. Then you will continue to work with him.

Therefore, it is one of the best options which increases your hiring rate. However, Fiverr only let you send ten buyer request in 24 hours. Therefore, after one day 10 available proposals. But, it is one of the opportunities to get orders directly from clients.

2. How to send Buyer Request?

You can send buyer requests while clicking on your profile. Then you will see on the top menu bar for More. Click on it. Then you will see the drop-down menu. Further, you will see Buyer Requests. Therefore, you have to click on it.

Next, you will see two options under Buyer Request. First Active and second Sent Offers. However, Active will display all the requests which client will need. Therefore, you have to click on the offer to send your offer.

Similarly, Send offers is the section in which you have already sent the offers.

Step 12: Be Online Always

When you will be online. then it shows that you are active. Therefore, the chance of getting the order will increase. Further, being online will also give you a positive impression that you are willing to work.

Step 13: Fiverr App to Make Money on Fiverr

Similarly, you can’t be online all the time from your computer or laptop. Therefore, Fiverr has an application. You have to install the application on your mobile phone. Then you will connect your account with the application. Therefore, you will get all the major functionality on your smartphone. Therefore, you have to get orders on the go.

Further, it has the advantage that you will be online all the time. Since a smartphone is always available. Therefore, you won’t miss any communication delay. Which lead you to better communication response result. Therefore, you can make more money online with Fiverr.

Step 14: How to Reach a client & make money on Fiverr?

However, there is no possibility to reach the client other than buy requests. Further, you have also the limitation of 10 buyer requests per day. Therefore, with that strategy, you can get an order.

But the real question is that. How to reach the client. However, I will explain below that you can easily reach a client without much hard work.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best strategies. Where you can promote your service and gigs. Therefore, you must join different Facebook groups and share your gigs. Then those who will need your service will give you an order.

Remember that social media is not only limited to Facebook. You can use Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and YouTube, etc to promote your gigs.

Similarly, share your gigs on social media also increase your ranking within Fiverr. Therefore, it win-win strategy.

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