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Envato Elements Review 2024 –  Pros and Cons, Pricing, Is It Really Worth Money?

by Hồng Yến

Envato Elements has become a popular go-to for creative assets, promising unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee. But is it truly worth the hype? Let’s dive into a comprehensive review, exploring its pros and cons, pricing, and ultimate value proposition:


  • Vast Selection: Envato boasts millions of assets, making it a one-stop shop for nearly every creative need. Whether you’re looking for WordPress themes, plugins, stock photos, videos, music, graphics, fonts, or even 3D models, you’re likely to find what you need on Envato. This vast selection means that you can find assets to suit a wide variety of projects and creative visions.
  • Quality and Value: The marketplace curates high-quality assets from professional creators. This ensures that the assets you purchase are of a high standard. Furthermore, Envato Elements unlocks this abundance of assets for a single subscription, often at a fraction of the cost of individual purchases. This provides excellent value for money, especially if you frequently need creative assets.
  • Save Time and Money: Envato Elements streamlines your workflow by providing a wide range of assets in one place. This saves you the time and effort of hunting for resources piecemeal. Over time, this can result in significant cost savings, especially for frequent users.
  • Commercial Licensing: Most assets on Envato come with commercial licenses. This means that you can use them in client projects and monetize your work freely. This provides a great deal of flexibility and opens up a wide range of possibilities for how you can use the assets you purchase.
  • Regular Updates: The library of assets on Envato is constantly being refreshed with new assets. This ensures that you always have access to fresh inspiration and can stay ahead of the curve in terms of trends and new developments in the world of creative assets.
  • Community and Support: Envato offers a vibrant community forum, tutorials, and helpful support. These resources can guide you through the platform and help you maximize its potential. Whether you’re looking for advice, inspiration, or technical support, you can find it within the Envato community.


  • Learning Curve: Navigating the vast library of assets available on Envato can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. With millions of assets to choose from, finding the perfect ones for your needs can be a daunting task. It may take some time to familiarize yourself with the platform and learn how to effectively search for and select assets.
  • Not All Assets are Perfect: While the quality of assets on Envato is generally high, not all assets may meet your specific needs or expectations. It’s important to be selective and curate your own collection of assets. Take the time to review assets before you download them to ensure they’re right for your project.
  • Copyright Concerns: Always double-check the licensing terms for individual assets. While most assets come with commercial licenses, there may be some limitations or restrictions that apply. Make sure you understand these terms before using an asset in your project.
  • Potential for Overwhelm: With so many assets at your disposal, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “shiny object syndrome,” where you focus more on the quantity of assets rather than the quality of your projects. It’s important to stay focused on your creative vision and not get distracted by the sheer volume of assets available.
  • Subscription Overload: Consider if a subscription to Envato Elements fits within your overall subscription budget. While the service offers excellent value for money, adding another monthly cost might not be sustainable for everyone. It’s important to consider your budget and financial constraints before committing to a subscription.


Envato Elements offers subscription plans for both individuals and businesses. The cost starts at $16.50 per month for individuals and $29 per month for teams. This subscription provides unlimited downloads across all asset categories, which includes a vast array of creative resources such as WordPress themes, plugins, stock photos, videos, music, graphics, fonts, and 3D models.

The question of whether Envato Elements is worth the investment largely depends on your individual needs and workflow:

For Whom It Might Be Worth It:

  • Content Creators: For those who are regularly creating content, whether it’s for a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast, or any other platform, having access to a wide range of high-quality creative assets can be invaluable. It can help to enhance the quality of the content and make it more engaging for the audience.
  • Designers: Designers, whether they’re working in graphic design, web design, or any other field, can benefit greatly from the vast selection of design assets available on Envato Elements. It can provide inspiration, save time, and help to create more professional and visually appealing designs.
  • Developers: Developers can find a variety of useful resources on Envato Elements, from code snippets and plugins to streamline their workflow, to graphics and templates to enhance the visual appeal of their projects.
  • Marketers: For marketers, having access to a wide range of assets can help in creating more effective and engaging marketing materials. From eye-catching graphics for social media posts to professional templates for email newsletters, marketers can find many useful resources on Envato Elements.

For Whom It Might Not Be Worth It:

  • Occasional Users: If you only need creative assets occasionally, the cost of a monthly subscription might not be justified. In this case, buying individual assets as and when needed might be a more cost-effective approach.
  • Those with Niche Needs: If you have very specific or niche needs, you might not find what you’re looking for in the vast library of assets on Envato Elements. In this case, you might be better off seeking out specialized resources or hiring a professional to create custom assets.
  • Individuals on Tight Budgets: If you’re working with a tight budget, the cost of a monthly subscription to Envato Elements might not be feasible. In this case, you might want to explore free resources or consider buying individual assets as and when needed.

The Verdict:

  1. Vast Library: Envato Elements boasts a vast library of creative assets, spanning various categories such as WordPress themes, plugins, stock photos, videos, music, graphics, fonts, and 3D models. This extensive selection means that users can often find exactly what they need for their creative projects, all in one place.
  2. Value Proposition: The value proposition of Envato Elements is enhanced by its subscription model, which allows users to access and download unlimited assets for a single monthly fee. This can offer significant cost savings, particularly for frequent users.
  3. Commercial Licensing: Another major advantage of Envato Elements is its commercial licensing. Most assets come with commercial licenses, which means users can freely use them in client projects and monetize their work.

However, while Envato Elements has many strengths, it’s also important to be mindful of potential downsides:

  1. Potential for Overwhelm: The sheer volume of assets available on Envato Elements can be overwhelming, particularly for newcomers. It can take time to learn how to navigate the platform and find the assets that best meet your needs.
  2. Subscription Costs: While the subscription model offers excellent value for frequent users, it does entail ongoing costs. Those with a tight budget or infrequent needs might find the monthly subscription fee to be a drawback.

Ultimately, whether Envato Elements is the right choice for you will depend on your specific needs, workflow, and budget. It’s important to assess these factors and consider both the advantages and potential downsides of the platform. If you frequently need high-quality creative assets and have the budget for a monthly subscription, Envato Elements could be a game-changer. However, if you only need assets occasionally or are on a tight budget, other options might be more suitable. As with any tool or service, the key is to choose the one that best aligns with your individual needs and circumstances.

Additional Tips:

  • Trial before you buy: Envato offers a free trial so you can test the platform and explore the library before committing.
  • Curate your downloads: Don’t get lost in the abundance; focus on assets that truly fit your project needs and avoid impulsive downloads.
  • Join the community: Learn from other users, discover hidden gems, and stay informed about new assets through the Envato forums and resources.

Remember, Envato Elements is just one tool in your creative arsenal. Use it wisely, strategically, and focus on maximizing its value to elevate your creative projects to the next level.

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