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Top 5 Useful Gadgets for Windows

by Thu Hà

The text begins by discussing the introduction of Windows 10, which was seen as a refreshing change for users who had been using Windows 7 and 8 for a long time. Windows 10 brought many new and exciting features to the desktop, enhancing the user experience.

However, the text also points out a downside of Windows 10: it removed one of the most beloved features of Windows 7, namely gadgets or widgets. This change disappointed a significant number of users who had grown accustomed to these handy tools.

Despite this, the text brings good news: it’s still possible to get Windows 7 gadgets in Windows 10. Although Microsoft no longer supports free gadgets for Windows 10, many third-party applications continue to offer them.

The text then transitions to discuss an article that provides information on where to find these third-party applications. This article highlights all the excellent third-party applications that offer the best free gadgets for Windows 10.

In summary, the text discusses the evolution of Windows from version 7 to 10, the removal of gadgets/widgets in Windows 10, and how users can still access these features through third-party applications. It also mentions an article that provides more information on these applications.

1. 8GadgetPack

The text introduces 8GadgetPack, a platform that offers a wide variety of desktop gadgets for Windows 10. If you’re looking for cool desktop gadgets, 8GadgetPack is a recommended place to check. It provides almost every type of widget you might want to have on your desktop.

8GadgetPack offers a diverse range of widgets. For instance, it includes the 7 Sidebar, which provides quick access to your favorite applications or features; the Agenda, which helps you manage your schedule; the All CPU Meter, which monitors your CPU usage; the App Launcher, which allows you to quickly launch your favorite apps; Breathe, which could be a wellness or mindfulness app; the Calendar and Clock, which help you keep track of time and dates; the Currency widget, which provides currency conversion rates; the Reminder, which helps you remember important tasks or events; Feed Headlines, which delivers the latest news right to your desktop; and many other useful widgets.

One of the key advantages of 8GadgetPack is its forward compatibility. The text notes that this application supports not only Windows 10 but also Windows 11. This means that if you ever decide to upgrade your operating system to Windows 11, you can continue using 8GadgetPack and all its widgets without any issues.

In summary, the text discusses 8GadgetPack as a comprehensive source of desktop gadgets for Windows 10, highlighting its wide range of widgets and compatibility with future Windows versions.

2. Rainmeter

The text introduces Rainmeter, a notable gadget installer for Windows. Rainmeter allows users to add a variety of gadgets to their desktop, such as those displaying CPU usage, media players, weather information, and more. These gadgets provide quick access to important information and controls, enhancing the user’s desktop experience.

In addition to its functionality, Rainmeter is praised for being resource-friendly. This means it doesn’t consume a lot of system resources, ensuring that your computer runs smoothly even when multiple gadgets are active.

Rainmeter is also highly customizable. Users can personalize it with a wide array of skins, changing the appearance of the gadgets to suit their preferences. This level of customization allows users to create a unique and personalized desktop environment.

Furthermore, Rainmeter is an open-source application. This means its source code is freely available, allowing developers to modify and improve the software. This open-source nature contributes to Rainmeter’s adaptability and continuous improvement.

These qualities – functionality, resource-friendliness, high customizability, and open-source availability – are the reasons why Rainmeter is included in the list of the best gadgets for Windows 10. In summary, the text discusses Rainmeter as a versatile and efficient tool for enhancing the Windows desktop experience with various gadgets.

3. Gadgets Revived

The text introduces Gadgets Revived, a website dedicated to reviving the long-lost Windows sidebar gadgets. These gadgets, which were popular features in older versions of Windows, include a variety of widgets such as a Clock, MusicRadio, Calculator, and many others. Users can download these classic widgets from Gadgets Revived to enhance their desktop experience.

One of the standout features of Gadgets Revived is its organization of gadgets into more than 16 categories. This categorization makes it easier for users to find the specific type of gadget they’re looking for. Furthermore, each category contains different versions of the same widget, providing users with a variety of options to choose from.

Due to its extensive collection of categorized widgets, Gadgets Revived is presented as one of the best websites for obtaining desktop widgets for Windows 10. Whether users are looking for practical tools like a calculator or entertainment features like a music radio, they can find a suitable widget on Gadgets Revived.

In summary, the text discusses Gadgets Revived, a website that offers a wide range of categorized Windows sidebar gadgets for download, making it a top choice for users seeking to customize their Windows 10 desktop with widgets.

4. Gadgetarian

The text introduces Gadgetarian, a free and efficient platform where users can access a variety of Microsoft Windows desktop gadgets. These gadgets are small applications that offer information at a glance and provide easy access to frequently used tools.

Adding a widget using Gadgetarian is described as an extremely simple process. Users only need to double-click on the desired gadget to add it to their desktop. This ease of use makes Gadgetarian a user-friendly platform for customizing the desktop experience.

Furthermore, Gadgetarian also provides the flexibility to remove any gadget that does not meet the user’s requirements. This can be done quickly and easily, ensuring that users maintain control over their desktop environment and can tailor it to their specific needs.

In summary, the text discusses Gadgetarian, a platform that allows users to easily add and remove Microsoft Windows desktop gadgets, enhancing their desktop experience.

5. Win10 Widgets

The text introduces Win10 Widgets, which is featured on a list of the best desktop gadgets for Windows 10. Win10 Widgets is an open-source application that is built using the structure of Rainmeter, a popular desktop customization tool.

Win10 Widgets allows users to add a wide variety of widgets to their desktop. These widgets can include gadgets for weather updates, music control, WiFi status, and many more, providing users with quick access to important information and controls directly from their desktop.

One of the key strengths of Win10 Widgets is its compatibility. It works well with a diverse range of wallpapers and screen sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of the user’s desktop setup. Additionally, it utilizes Windows 10’s color scheme, which helps the widgets blend in with the rest of the desktop environment.

These features – the wide variety of widgets, the compatibility with different wallpapers and screen sizes, and the use of Windows 10’s color scheme – are highlighted as the main reasons why Win10 Widgets is considered one of the top desktop gadgets for Windows 10. In summary, the text discusses the benefits and features of Win10 Widgets, emphasizing its versatility and integration with the Windows 10 desktop environment.

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