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What is Timebucks? Is it legit, scam or worth it? 

by Hồng Yến

If you’re looking for free ways to earn extra money online, you might have heard of TimeBucks.

But is TimeBucks legitimate and truly a great way to earn extra money, or is it a scam that just wastes time?

I have thoroughly tested this platform and have been a member for several years.

And let me reveal right away that TimeBucks is a legitimate platform and I have been paid by it multiple times (I will provide payment proof below), so I know it’s a safe and genuine way to earn money, not one of those fake money-making scams. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice for you.

This TimeBucks review will show you all the detailed information and exactly what it offers, and I will also share my experience with the website and show you some TimeBucks tricks to maximize the website if you decide to join.

After reading this review, you will be able to determine whether it’s worth joining or if you should instead spend your time on other websites.

Option 1 – Paid surveys:

TimeBucks offers quite a good amount of paid surveys. You can take surveys through a number of different providers while being logged in and get paid into your TimeBucks account.

Most of the surveys are offered through survey routers or offers walls. The great thing about this is that you can find a lot of surveys in most countries. The disadvantage is that it sometimes can take some patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

But the survey options are pretty good on TimeBucks.

For instance, you can see that the reward for taking a survey through Your Survey is $0.875. These surveys are available on many GPT (Get Paid To) sites, but this is one of the highest rewards you can find.

Surveys are one of the best ways to earn on TimeBucks and it’s definitely a section you should explore if you decide to join. You can find a wide variety of surveys.

However, the number of available surveys may vary depending on the country you live in, even though it offers surveys for most countries. If there aren’t many surveys available for you, there are other ways to earn on TimeBucks.

Option 2 – Watch videos

TimeBucks provides several ways to earn by watching videos in the video section.

One method is similar to most other GPT sites, where you have to watch 3 videos plus ads on a specific topic. They also offer separate short videos where you get paid after watching a certain number of seconds.

To find videos for earning, go to the “content” tab and look for the “Ad” tab. Watching these videos can earn you a small amount. The rewards are low, so it’s not a major earning method, but it’s a nice bonus if you’re interested in the video.

TimeBucks clearly states the requirements for each video, so you can quickly decide if it’s worth your time.

You can also earn by watching YouTube videos. This option is under the “Engage” tab. You’ll be directed to a third-party site to watch random YouTube videos. It takes a few minutes to set up, but there are helpful guides. Once set up, the pay per video is quite good compared to other video-watching methods. The pay rate can be up to $0.01 per video, but this varies.

The “Offerwalls” section provides various offers, such as getting paid to download apps, sign up for a website, or test a product for free.

The image above just shows a few of the offerwalls you can find, as Timebucks gives access to around 12 walls last time I counted, and each of them gives access to many offers.

Some of these offers have really good rewards. Most of them are also offered through other survey sites like PrizeRebel or ySense, so if you, in general, prefer using one of these sites, you can probably find the offers there as well.

Option 3 – Content options:

The content tab inside Timebucks gives access to several different ways to earn.

In fact, at the time of updating this review, you can find 3 different ways to earn just in this section.

You can, for example, earn by clicking small ads and visiting a website or video for a certain number of seconds. It can also be to like TimeBucks Facebook page and more.

You used to also be able to earn by watching slideshows. This option is no longer there, but it is not a big loss, in my opinion, as it gave very low earnings.

In this section, you can also find the following earning opportunities:

  • Engaged hits (you can earn by installing a software that will play videos automatically)
  • Push click (get paid to click on ads delivered as push notifications in your browser)

While I have been a member, it has also offered a few other options below, but at the time of updating this Timebucks review, they are not available.

You used to be able to get paid to search and could earn up to $0.01 per online search, depending on the country you live in. This is currently not there, but as mentioned earlier, the platform regularly tests different ways to earn, so maybe it will come back at some point.

There also used to be a separate section where you could get paid to watch YouTube videos. That section is not there anymore, but you can still earn by watching YouTube videos, as these videos are now a part of the Ad Clicks option mentioned above.

The great thing about the content section is that you can always find ways to earn here, no matter the country you live in.

Some of the options in this section will not make you a lot of money, but the tasks are, in general, easy and fast to do.

Option 4 – Micro-tasks

Timebucks has a section simply called “Tasks”.

Here, you can get paid to do different types of tasks like downloading apps, watching YouTube videos, visiting certain websites, following people on social media, etc.

The tasks usually do not take, but not all of them give good value for your time.

These tasks are created by other Timebucks members, as not everyone offers fair pay for your time. So just choose these tasks wisely.

You can always just decide which tasks you want to do, and you can see the requirements and pay before you start. And if you choose wisely, it can be an easy way to earn a bit extra.

But overall, Timebcuks is actually one of the best micro-tasks platforms, in my opinion, as it has more tasks and better conditions than most other platforms that offer similar jobs.

Option 5 – Get cash back when shopping online

Personally, I think it is great when GPT sites have a cashback option. This means you can get cash back if you shop online in certain shops they have partnered with.

TimeBucks used to also have this option, and it could be a great way to earn/save some money if you shop online anyway.

You could use this option if you ever shopped through Ali Express.

However, TimeBucks never had as many options as the top cashback sites, and my theory is that they stopped this to focus on offering other tasks and specialing in those, which makes sense, in my opinion.

I just still wanted to mention it in this review, as many people have asked me where to find it now, and, therefore, I wanted to make it clear that this is no longer an option on Timebucks, as of updating this review.

Option 6 – Invite people to join:

You can invite other people to join TimeBucks and get paid a commission for this.

You used to get paid in 5 levels. However, they have simplified the referral program, so now it is similar to referral programs on many other GPT sites.

Now, you get a 10% commission on the earnings for anyone that joins Timebucks through your invitation link.

Just be aware that you will only get the commission if your referral has verified their ID.

If you join and like using it yourself, it is a very good idea to also start inviting others to join. They will earn the same whether they join through your link or not, as the commissions are paid out of TimeBucks’ pockets.

Option 7 – Advertise:

You can use TimeBucks to advertise. The options you have here vary, but you can, for example, promote YouTube videos.

So if you have a YouTube video you would like to get more views, you can promote it here. You will choose how many views you would like, from which countries, age group, and more, and then pay for this. Other members will then get paid to view your video.

Personally, it is not a way I use to promote my videos, as it can also have some risks. But if you know what you are doing and are aware of the risks, then this can be an easy way to advertise your videos to a certain audience.

Option 8 – Daily contest:

Every day, the top 100 earners on Timebucks will be rewarded with extra cash. First place will get $5 down to $0.10 for 51st to 100th place.

They used to only reward the top 5 earners daily, but then the rewards were higher. This has now changed, so they give smaller rewards, but a lot more users get a reward. Whether this is a good or a bad chance depends on your personal preferences, but this is how it works now.

And it is not that difficult to earn enough to be at the top, so this can be a great way to make a very nice extra reward.

TimeBucks appears to be a legitimate platform according to various online reviews. Here’s a summary of what I found:

  • On Trustpilot, TimeBucks has an excellent rating of 4.5 with positive reviews from users.
  • A review guide updated in January 2024 states that TimeBucks is a legit platform and the author has been paid many times.
  • On Sitejabber, TimeBucks has a rating of 3.6 stars from 60 reviews.
  • Another review from January 2024 confirms that TimeBucks is a legit company with no reports of scams or frauds.

However, as with any online platform, experiences may vary. It’s always a good idea to do your own research and consider multiple sources before deciding. Remember, what works well for one person might not work as well for another. It’s all about finding what works best for you.

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